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We are Nico and Eli, a couple of bicycle nomads who decided to make a stop to welcome Sacca into our lives. We really enjoy the freedom that a simple life gives you and we try to be surrounded by nature whenever we can.

When we decided to get pregnant we knew we didn’t want to give birth in a hospital, we wanted to welcome the baby in a space full of love, consciousness, tranquility, silence… and what better than at home.

We went to Paramaparto to make it possible to give birth at home, since our financial means are not enough.

We thank all the people who want to put their grain of sand in this project with such a great purpose.

As Michel Odent said “to change the world it is necessary to change the way of being born”.

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Alchemy for Sacca

por Elisabet Garcia Ruiz

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Pirineos Catalanes, España

Elisabet Garcia Ruiz

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Historia de la campaña

Sacca (pronunciation Sacha, truth in Pali [Language of ancient INDIA]). This name means so much to us, the beginning of our love started in a vipassana center called Dhamma Sacca, where we both understood that love is based on truth.

We came from very different lives, different cultures, different experiences, different conditioning, but at that moment we were practically the same.
Two nomads, traveling alone on a bicycle, in the same direction, India, with spiritual concerns and a desire to learn what life teaches us. Something deep inside us told us that it was the time and the person to start an adventure together.

The Covid came and we were separated for 3 long and slow months, where the only thing that grew was the desire to meet again. Finally we could be together again.

We started to travel by bike through Spain and Portugal, our house was a cozy tent, our kitchen any beautiful place in the middle of nature and our living room was pedaling on empty roads and others not so much, riding miles of adventures.

It was a great journey into our fears and we learned to recognize the mirror we saw in each other. We forged a great friendship and communication where TRUTH is the basis of everything.

The phrase: to be parents, was in our heads, fantasizing about traveling by bike as a big nomadic family, talking about education and the things we wanted to teach him so that he would have the tools to live in harmony.

After a period of time traveling, we were given the opportunity to live in community, a very enriching experience. Surrounded by wonderful, caring, conscious and loving people to share, we wanted to welcome a new soul into our lives.

Now life has taken us to live in a beautiful little town in the Pyrenees, with an Animal Sanctuary, surrounded by nature, animals and also very nice people.

Sacca is coming in January and we have met the midwife that by many coincidences has come into our lives, Natalia Mansilla, with a mystical spirit and full of love to take care of the moment of birth.

With all our love we will make a dream a reality because everything in life is a magical dance of coincidences that make you know that this is what your soul wants.

May everything that comes to us be enormous learnings so that we continue to grow and leave a collective consciousness full of connection with the earth.

Thank you very much to all the beautiful souls who read us and help us to make this possible.


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