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We are Ravi and Tamara.

The meeting with Adhara is near!
And there are many people who tell us that they want to give you gifts and collaborate!
At first we thought we would live the meeting in Ibiza, together with our families and second home, but in the end, we decided to stay in our Paradise and Love nest, “El Casal de EnAmorArte” in the Matarraña forest.
Along with our river, birds and mountains, our garden, our chickens and Lotus, and enjoying our beautiful home, and the possibility of the respected delivery hospital in Alcañiz.

We will be accompanied by our Doula, Amina, who accompanies us from the beginning of pregnancy and will accompany us until after the meeting and part of breastfeeding and we want to practice placental medicine that is increasingly known in Spain together with another wise woman , Meritxell.

For what we have believed that this medium can be a good way to facilitate the way to make the gift you wanted to do (if you feel like doing it) without having to bother going to the shops, or to the post office to send us anything!
Do what you feel and is born from your heart and is lighter and more pleasant for you!
Since many of our families and friends live in other cities or countries.

Above all we thank you in advance for all your love, your best intentions and your best wishes for this special and unique moment of our life! 🥰

Thank you thank you thank you! 🙏

Tamara, Ravi and Adhara

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Meeting with Adhara

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Matarranya, España

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Historia de la campaña

We are Ravi and Tamara, currently experiencing the gestation and arrival of our daughter: Adhara.
It is our first experience as Dad and Mom, and it is being a true journey, without a doubt the greatest journey of self-knowledge of our lives so far.
On this trip, we are fortunate to be accompanied by, in addition to our families and siblings, by a beautiful woman (Amina) in the figure of Doula, which we consider great nutrition, taking care of this process at all levels and contributing a huge support to both in the discovery of Maternity and Conscious Fatherhood.
Amina accompanies us from the moment we found out we were pregnant, and will continue to do so until after Adhara’s first month of life, with the topic of breastfeeding and everything that entails a loving and quiet puerperium!

We will also have an expert in placental medicine (Meritxell), who will accompany us in this incredible process so unknown still by many here in Spain, but increasingly practiced due to its enormous benefits after childbirth.

Previously we felt the call of the island of Ibiza, our second home and island where we met, and where our families live, to give birth.
But finally, we feel like staying in our beautiful nest of Love “El Casal de EnAmorArte” Next to our river, mountains, birds, our garden, our chickens and Lotus, which we have been preparing for so many months and which is now in full beauty and flowering ! 🌳🌲🌱🌹🌸🌺🌼🌻

We thank Life very much for this immense gift in the process that is Life itself at every moment from the Heart.

And thanking from now on, that you participate in this call or with your other gifts, but above all grateful for your so much love, affection and beautiful wishes and intentions …

Also, as we like reciprocity, and Adhara comes to the world full of prosperity and abundance, we offer beautiful exchanges that you can purchase in this space!

We hope that this medium will be easy and light, where we hope to save you time and effort! 🥰


Ravi, Tamara and Adhara